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Students' review on Attie

Linda Suk

Linda's review

My children, who are 6 and 10 years old, have made significant progress in the past year they have worked with Teacher Mihea Oh at Attie Language Academy! They went from knowing couple of Korean words to now reading, writing, and even watching Korean dramas. Teacher Mihea is fun and creatively teaches in an age-appropriate manner to keep the children engaged in their learning. Most importantly, her caring and encouraging attitude have given my children the confidence to speak up with pride in their new language skills. This credit goes to Teacher Mihea's dedication and care! 

Victor Garcia 

Victor's review

Just started learning Korean for the first time last year, in the past 4 months I went from zero to Reading/writing in Hangul, forming sentences, conjugating verbs and more. There is still a long way ahead for me but my experience working with Mia has been great, she always explains when I have questions and corrects my pronunciation when I make a mistake, 감사합니다!

Hakyun Lee 

Hakyun's review

We enrolled our son in 2 different Korean schools in our area. While the experiences were OK, we didn’t really see the growth that we wanted. What’s different about Attie is the curriculum. After his initial assessment, we were provided a lesson plan and curriculum for our son. The individual attention that he receives is second to none. We would highly recommend Attie Language Academy to families looking to teach their children the Korean language.


Aj's review

Hello!I love the Korean class I have been taking and I couldn’t have a better teacher.She is the best Korean teacher ever, she is nice and helps you with many things like pronunciation, spelling and grammar. I have progressed so much in such little time. I can read write and have small conversations. Thank you 감사합니다 

Best student!

    Herie Pang 

Herie's review

My kids like their Korean lessons because teacher Mihea makes it very interactive and engaging. Every week, they play a game or do an activity in Korean.They also learn from their workbook.

They have a chance to learn Korean culture, speak, read, listen, and write in Korean. 

Teacher Mihea is great at engaging the kids even through zoom, and I am very happy with how much they've learned in the past few months.


The biggest difference and benefit I have found through Attie Language Academy is

the personalized lessons that fit my kid's language level. I love that they can learn at their own pace and really enjoy learning more about their Korean heritage and language. 

Hyunkyoung Choi

Hyunkyoung's review

미아 선생님은 정말 한국어 가르치는데 전문가예요 제 딸은 4살이라 아직 어려서 

15분이상 집중을 못하는데 미아 선생님이랑 수업하니까 한시간을 집중해서 

수업하게 되었습니다. 선생님이 쉽고 재미있는 프로그램과 커리큘럼을 짜시고 철저하게 준비하셔서 가르치시는 모습에 신뢰가 생겼고 앞으로도 꾸준히 수업을 들을 생각이에요.

Khue Le

Khue's review

"I have been learning Korean from Teacher Mihae Oh's classes since last year and it has been a great experience. At first, I only knew the Korean alphabet, thanks to studying with Teacher Mihae that I was able to start to understand certain sentences in Korean shows as well as manhwa. She is very friendly, engaged, and enthusiastic in teaching, she creates many different types of exercises so that learners can all practice speaking, writing, and listening skills. Considering I'm not so persistent in self-study, I'm glad to be able to join Teacher Mihae's class to maintain my language abilities. While it is really essential to learn more profoundly, extra practice is also important in mastering a language. If everyone can connect classroom lessons and practice, they will progress very quickly. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in studying Korean."


Larry's review

I've taken several Korean classes from Mia. She's always been
really helpful. This one time I had a difficult time understanding the difference between 지만 and 하지만 soMia took the time out after class was done to help explain this to us.

She was also helpful when I first started taking classes and was struggling
with the basic Korean alphabet and pronunciation.

I'm glad to be taking classes from Mia and look forward to continue doing so.

April Grageda

April's review

I am a Filipino who loves Korean drama. Getting tired of reading the subtitles is what prompted me to learn Korean language. I found Mia’s class on Facebook last year. Mia taught me the Korean alphabet. Now I know how to read and write Korean. Mia has been very patient and understanding as a teacher. She gives examples that are easy to understand



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