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Chinese class

To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.


- Chinese proverb

Chinese Class with Attie

Attie Chinese Class for Adults and Kids

Being in trouble learning Chinese??

Let's learn Chinese from the outstanding teachers!

The extraordinary textbooks and fun activities

The special homework textbooks from teachers!

We provide you with the greatest teachers' care for your improvement. 

You can have opportunities to improve your Chinese and learn Chinese culture from our outstanding teachers. We will try to give you an opportunity to dive into the deep part of the common interests and issues from china. During the class time you can have a chance to find out your misunderstandings on learning chinese language in and out of the class. 

Meet our outstanding teachers


Hello, I am Priscilla.
I am very excited to help everyone accomplish their goals together. Looking forward to see all of you in class. Thank you.

Yaquing Priscilla Wu 

ESL/Chinese Teacher

University of California, Davis

Major in Human Development; Minor in Education


California Site Supervisor Permit

Has experiences more than 12 years working with children

Knows Cantonese, Mandarin and English


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Chinese Basic (Adult)  

This class is designed for those who have never learned Chinese before!

We are going to learn how to pronounce Chinese consonants and vowels as well as lots of vocabulary.  We also cover greeting in Chinese and simple sentences in a casual setting. 

Duration: 4 weeks

Chinese for Kids 

Children over 4 are welcome to this class! we designed this class with lots of fun activities, and which will improve their motivation

 We will talk about Chinese culture and history as well. 

Duration: 6 weeks



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