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Korean class 

To have another language is to possess a second soul.

‒ Charlemagne ‒

Meet our outstanding teachers


Hello I am Mia, director and Korean instructor in Attie Language Academy. I hope you have an amazing learning experience in Attie Language Academy.


Mia Oh 

Founder & Head teacher 


University of San Francisco

Master of Arts: Teaching English to Speakers of Other languages

Yonsei University(연세대학교), Seoul, Korea                                                       

Institute For Training Korean Language Instructors

Certificate of Completion in Teaching Korean


Sookmyung Women’s University                                           

TESOL Certificate

Teaching experiences (ESL and Korean for Adults and children)

for 7 years

Minseon Hailey  Kim 

Korean/ESL instructor

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies(한국외국어대학교), Korea

-Bachelor: English Translation & Interpretation 

Yonsei University(연세대학교)

Institute For Training Korean Language Instructors

Certificate of Completion in Teaching Korean


TESOL Certificate


Sydney Institute of Interpreting & Translating, Australia           

Diploma of Interpreting 


NAATI Paraprofessional Interpreter (Korean to/from English)

(National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters)

Teaching experiences for 6 years for Adults in Korea and China.         

Working experiences as an interpreter and vice president at an international school. 


Hello I am Minseon, your Korean teacher :) I am so excited to see you in class to explore the world of Korean together!  


Hello ! Every learner is unique and different, but I believe anyone can be good at English, with the right direction & motivation. I am looking forward to working with you to figure out together how to best help you master English.

Yeonhee Seo (Gina)

Korean & ESL instructor

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, United States

Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration

- Meetings and Events Management

Parkland Secondary School, Canada

Bachelor of Art

Working experience as English instructor & Coordinator in Korea and United States



Class information

Korean Basic(Alphabet)

This intro class is for those who have never learned the Korean Language. We will cover various topics such as writing and sounding the Korean alphabet, basic vocabulary, ending consonants, and double consonants. You will be equipped to speak and write in basic Korean after taking this class. Don't be afraid! You can do it! Attie is here for you!  

Duration: 4 weeks

Korean Beginner-Low 1 (Tense)

This class designed for those who mastered Korean alphabet. The target tenses in this levels are present and past tense. We are going to learn different kinds of action verbs and some particles and preposition in the simple and short conversations. We will also learn about how to combine 'what' with 'to be verb' and express different locations such as on, below, next to as well as some negations.


Duration: 6 weeks

Korean Beginner-Low 2 (Tense)

This class designed for those who mastered present and past tense in Korean. In this class, we are going to continue to learn about tenses which are future tense and progressive tenses. Also, We will learn about how to read time with native Korean number and how to say your hope with using 'want to' in Korean.

Duration: 6 weeks

Korean Beginner-Low 3 

This class designed for those who mastered Korean Beginner-Low. In this class, we are going to continue to learn about how to say your preferences in Korean and some interrogative (who, how, why) in the certain situations. Plus, we are going to compare sino-number and Korean native number by looking at how it is used in the different situation. 

Duration: 6 weeks



Language Academy

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