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If you find yourself saying

"But, I can't speak English.." 

Try adding the word "yet".


- Jane Revell & Susan Norman

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Learn English with certified teacher

More interactive and fun language learning

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Online based learning in private class setting 


Learn English with certified teacher


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Use textbook created by Attie

(Active and creative teaching materials)

Meet our outstanding teachers


Hello wonderful people! Each new word learned is a whole world of conversation. Let’s learn step by step.

Garrett J. Ederer

ESL Teacher

University of Wisconsin Maison

ESL English teacher in Hope school-South Korea

Taught English & Math for 3rd grade students 


Substitute Teacher -USA

Portage WI- John Muir, Woodridge, Rusch, High School

Pardeeville WI – Elementary / High school
Glacier Creek Middle School, Marshall Public Schools

Have experiences more than 10 years working with children and bilingual(English/Korean) teachers in both USA and Korea 


image0 (6)_edited.jpg

Hello ! Looking forward to working with you all, I am excited to start to our Korean language journey together! Thanks.

Da-Hee Kim 

ESL Teacher

University of Wisconsin Maison

Palo Verde High School-Las Vegas 


Taught SAT/SAT2 and SSAT for junior high and high school students with varying subjects.


Subjects include reading, writing, and math for SAT and for SAT2, math2, chemistry,  and Korean.

Have experiences more than 8 years working with children and bilingual(English/Korean) teachers in both USA and Korea 


Hello ! Every learner is unique and different, but I believe anyone can be good at English, with the right direction & motivation. I am looking forward to working with you to figure out together how to best help you master Eglish.

Daniel Na

ESL Teacher

University of California, Davis

minor in Education 

Classroom supervisor/teacher at King’s Academy (Lanzhou, China).

Assisted as an Korean-to-English,

English-to-Korean Interpreter.

Assisted as a Teacher in various English Camp.



Hello guys!
I find language one of the most fascinating tools we’re allowed to cherish. Let’s have fun!

Sung Hee Kim (Kate)

ESL Teacher


American University, Washington, D.C.

major in economics

Haneol International School, Manila, Philippines 

Education Development Team Leader in Korea.


Has lots of experience teaching English to the speakers of other languages. 


Teaching SAT for years.

Michelle Lee_edited_edited.jpg

Hello! My name is Michelle, your new English teacher. I'm ecstatic about getting to work with you to improve your English skills and to feel confident in all areas of the language! 

Michelle Lee 

ESL Teacher

University of North Texas

Bachelor in Multidisciplinary


Licensed in 4-8 Science and ESL

Taught in US in Korean and US public school for 7 years

Kate Ye.jpg

Hello! My name is Kate.
Let's have fun in this journey learning English! I'm excited to see how you will grow and master this language. See you in class :)

Kate Ye 

ESL Teacher

California State University Northridge

Bachelor of Arts, Lunguistics

Taipei Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan


Teaching Experience 4 years

- Adult students in China and Korea

- Japan & American college students

English Tutor for IELTS exam, interview preparation, accent study, conversational English.

Janet Harrison.jpg

Hello! My name is Janet.
I have worked with international students for more than fifteen years and especially enjoy teaching students English. I have worked with adults to Kindergarteners and enjoy all levels. 

Janet Harrison 

ESL Teacher

Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Master of Science, Global and International Education

Texas A&M University, TX

Bachelor of Science, Microbiology


MS, International Education; TEFL certified

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